Monday, 14 May 2012

Our Last Food Evaluations Of The Year

Food testing
Since September we have been honoured to be asked to sample and evaluate the young ladies cooking on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it’s been like a non stop food review but for educational purposes and hopefully our discerning palettes will have helped the aforementioned young ladies towards gaining a whole plethora of A*’s.
nom nom nom
Yesterday was their last practical session so we went along determined to embrace every single mouthful …
master Chef 2012
We told the girls that we could see and taste that they had taken our comments on board and that their dishes have evolved and just got betterer and betterer each week. 2012 masterchef
We also added that we felt blessed in a very Nigella Lawson/Delia Smith type way to have been part of it all ….


Mr.D said...

I assume your refined Monkey palates will be used in television shows very soon. Careful your waistline doesn't grow as a result.

Di said...

Might have known that Nigel would get in on the act :) Di xx

marc said...

you boys have doe those girls proud peps would pay to have you nomnastic their wears well done boys and a very well done girls fingersx its A s all the way big love marc

Anonymous said...

Your refined and impartial palates have obivously become essential to the girls' cooking classes. I'm certain there is gratitude akimbo and possibly you have encouraged a future Nigella or Delia. LOVE Nigella!..Dianne