Sunday, 6 May 2012

Shopping For Guppies

Yesterday Andy said that the conditions in our new fish tank were now conducive to the habitation of guppies ….. and wondered if Darrell and Nigel would like to accompany him to the garden centre to peruse their tanks and perhaps, if they were good, select a few ……
Well, you know those two, they didn’t need asking twice and were stood standing by the car waiting for Andy before you could say Jacques Cousteau and Patrick Duffy is The Man From Atlantis!
Wergs garden centre
It was all very much an awe and wonder experience for Nigel, he wanted every single fish he saw ……
garden centre fish
….. plus an array of piscatorial ornaments, at which Andy robustly put his foot down, saying that he hadn’t spent months planning and preparing the tank only to have it filled with skulls, sunken battle ships or replicas of the Easter Island Heads.  He further added that he thought that they were tacky and held no place in the tank and that was to be the end of the matter!
Silenced (momentarily) Nigel watched as Andy pointed to his fish of choice and then said that Nigel and Darrell could each select three of their own, all chosen, Darrell explained later, for their nice faces.  In the end a mix of twenty three guppies and neon tetras were bagged up and carefully sat between Darrell and Nigel on the journey home.
The tank looks wonderful, like something from the Sea Life Centre and an entranced Darrell and Nigel sat for ages watching the fish explore their new surroundings.
our guppies
However when Nigel disappeared and then reappeared swinging his goggles, flippers and swimming trunks Andy once again had to put his foot down ……
Sea world
…… “This tank is NOT for swimming” he said firmly “And Darrell, if you dare let Nigel out of your sight for one second, you are for the high jump!” ….. (though I think that under the circumstances he should have said was that Darrell would be for the high diving board!!!) …..


Mr.D said...

Did you find Nemo? Nigel trying to swim made me laugh.
Darrell for the high jump. Is he good enough for the Olympics?

marc said...

your tank is a wondrous thing
you never no if you dangle your magic mermaid stone in the water it might entice a mer person to come visit big magical love Marc

Anonymous said...

Such a very attractive tank; no wonder Nigel was tempted to "go down in the deep". But he certainly would have been a sight with his goggles and a snorkel swimming with the guppies! Undoubtedly all will be well with Darrell as guardian of this lovely underwater world...Dianne