Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Strictly …… For Shop Windows??

Do you remember the festive shop window display that Nigel loved so much last Christmas in our village Motorworld shop?
Well, Nigel was looking in there again yesterday, (hoping for perhaps an unseasonal glimpse of a knitted sheep or shepherd) ……
…… when he noticed a glint of silver in the corner and spied mahoooosive shield ….
Village Award Christmas Window
It seems that Motorworld won the Parish Council Best Christmas Window 2011, how BRILLIANT is that? Nigel was quite emotional, because he really did love it, and each evening during Advent,  before bath and bed, Darrell would walk him round to see it all lit up.
Bilbrook best christmas window
Now …..  that has got a us thinking advanced thoughts of a festive theme and nature  …. wondering if the competition is strictly for shop windows ……as we think we could put together a very robust display in our front room window! We shall phone our Parish Councillor and enquire!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea boys! Preparation is the key! JantheFan

Mr.D said...

Nothing like an early start.
You could be knitting a Santa whilst on the beach during your summer holidays.
Nigel could be part of the display - I'm sure a window with movement will catch the eye of the judges.

Anonymous said...

The knitted nativity scene of Motor World was just the beginning of endless possibilities for holiday artistic expression! Good luck creating a winning display for your windows; I know you will have many fabulous holiday decorating display ideas that will impress the Parish Council come the Christmas season!...Dianne

marc said...

i am sure with your brief on what you would like to do and a little help from crafty mum and some arty contributions from some of your followers you would have a window Harrods would be proud of
you need to start thinking what you would like to do and what size you are looking at its all in the prep boys but i can see you pulling this off big love marc