Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Concerns Of A Health Type Nature

All three of us enjoy robust health, mainly due to our rigorous 5 a Day regime, apart that is, from Darrell’s self diagnosed mumps …. so we have never had recourse to seek medical attention ….. but we have a quandary as to who we should consult if ever such a situation should arise …… the NHS or VetMedsDirect? 
Robust Health
We have decided therefore to look at all the options available to us and to be honest The Richard Smith Practice in our village seems to cover all bases as to our possible needs …..
Robust health.
….. especially Nigel ….. who mused that due to his diminutive stature he would be very interested in the provision of micro chips for his tea, even if it had to be under medical supervision …… but so long as they didn’t smell of hospitals!
Special Interest in Skin conditions
…… Coupled with Darrell’s obsession keen interest in the condition of his skin and achieving a baby’s bottom peachy complexion!  Anyway, we think we may make an appointment to inspect Richard’s “modern surgical facilities” and then see how it compares to the NHS facilities up the road. 


Mr.D said...

Do they have a pet psychiatrist or psychologist on the staff?

Anonymous said...

Richard's does sound like a one stop total health care option. Should have perfect peachy complexion help for Darrell. Micro chips for tea? Bless him, Nigel is about to have a rude awakening!..Dianne

Diane said...

Can definitely recommend Richard Smith's 'facilities'. Lovely man who I'm sure will be very sympathetic to Nigel's needs.