Thursday, 24 May 2012

Darrell’s Bit For Best Kept Village Competition …… Continued ….

Remember when I told you about Darrell's plans to do his bit towards our parish council's entry in this years Staffordshire The Best Kept Village Competition …..
Covering the Tardis
….. by doing “something” with the “Tardis” as we call it, at the side of chez nous - Chateau Castle Greyskull????
best Kept Village Competition 2012 Bilbrook
Well…..  aided and abetted by Nigel,  he has planted lots and lots of sweet peas in a long box on the wall ……
planting sweet peas
…… the plan being that they will grow all over the monstrosity and transform it into a wall of “fragrant and delicate floral beauty” as Darrell so succinctly put it.
Sweetpeas and Monkeys
He also has plans for a couple of hanging baskets to hang from the brackets ………. what is he like?
I am tempted to buy him a scarecrow ornament from Poundland ….. but I am fearful that he might tut and flounce in a theatrical type nature and say that Alan Titchmarch would never countenance such a common object in his garden!! But that sort of makes me want to get one more!!


Mr.D said...

They never have such difficulties to overcome at the Chelsea Flower Show - great idea to reduce the eyesore.

marc said...

i think it will look lovely and you will need a scarecrow to keep the birds of your sweetpeas some sunflowers in pots could look good with the sweetpeas you boys should put your net up so that the sweetpeas have some thing to grow on to big gold medal winner love marc

Anonymous said...

Fragrant and delicate floral beauty is certain to be a winner with the contest judges....that Tardis will be covered with sweet pea beauty and fragrance in no time!...Dianne