Monday, 7 May 2012

Puddle Surfing

Puddle Splashing
Our village is known for its mahooosive puddles after a robust shower of wet rain, and you never ever, ever cross at the zebra crossing because everyone knows that you will get drenched! As legend has it, the aforementioned zebra crossing was built over a fiord ford (or, more likely, the drains either side are just permanently blocked!).
However, Nigel has turned a negative into a positive (??) and invented the wet weather genre of “puddle surfing”, where he stands as close to the largest, deepest puddle he can find …… and waits for a car to approach, then at the very last moment he runs away, in theory missing being deluged …… however, more often than not Nigel is hit by a wall of yucky water ……
April showers
…… and both Darrell and I are growing a little weary of wringing him out …!!


marc said...

you will have to show him the mangel and say next time its you big love marc

Mr.D said...

You will have to go to the Black Country Museum to find a mangle. Make sure no extremities get caught in it.
How about dressing Nigel in waterproof clothes and then he can still play? Failing that, have a word with the council about their drainage problems.

Di said...

Is that boy totally obsessed with water then?

Personally, I'd just dress him in a wet suit and snorkel and let him loose on the puddles and the new fish tank :)


Mr.D said...

8 o'clock in the morning here and I logged on for my daily dose only to find nothing posted. Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

You have to admire Darrell and Nigel's creative and imaginative ideas for fun! Poor Nigel's bad luck to be so absorbent! That mangle sounds painful, wouldn't a hair dryer work for a quick dry?...Laughing but sympathetic about the dilemma...Dianne