Friday, 4 May 2012

Us? Friends of Eurovision Performers??!!! We Think So!!

While Darrell and Nigel were away in Dawlish Warren as small package arrived, but I didn’t want to open it without them …. sensing in a Derek Acorah type nature that something VERY important was contained within.
Emin After The Thunder
Imagine then our total surprise and amazement to find that the Lovely Natalie, who works at republicmedia, had entrusted  to us a sneaky “promo” of Emin’s new album and dvd, which is not released until 21st May!!  How deeply honoured and important do we feel? 
Emin Eurovision 2012.
Emin, you remember is the Special Guest Star performing during the interval of this years Eurovision Song Contest, and whom we now feel we can count as one of our growing “show biz” friends.
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Emin
We are soooooo honoured to be privy to such a preview and almost feel that we are being wooed slowly by the record business by “those in the know ” who are beginning to recognise the influence we have on the general public …… worldwide
Eurovision 2012 Emin
We listened to the five songs on the CD and liked them all, especially “Baby Get Higher”. Emin has, in our opinion, a very current sound, he can hold a tune and can sing the low bits as well as hit the high notes.
After The Thunder Emin
The DVD is most excellent too, but as metrotextual men we were quite taken aback by the effect Emin had on the ladies we share our rush photocopying suite with! …. In fact we had to avert our ears as the ladies sat round the computer to drool dribble watch it …… it seems that though none of them are really as passionate about Eurovision as we are, they all said that they would now all tune in and will definitely not be making the tea during the interval!  What are they like?
We are so thrilled. What will happen next? …… Perhaps Graham Norton will ask if we would like to join him in his commentary box in Baku!!!


Mr.D said...

Wow - the lovely Natalie has been thinking of you. Isn't she great. I hope Emin does very well indeed.
You are more than friends of Eurovision - more like best mates or ambassadors of Eurovision.

Anonymous said...

Oh I say from Dawlish Warren to Beautiful Baku, no guesses where the chosen place would be? Fame and fortune calleth boys!I can feel it in my water, or somewhere. Never mind names in the sand could be your fortune written in them there grains. JantheFan

Anonymous said...

Well deserved recognition for you three! You generously support so many and your enthusiasm always impresses your readers...Enjoy this special time and all that is to come your way ....Much Love..Dianne