Saturday, 12 May 2012

Britain’s Got Talent Final 2012

Today our raison d’etre is the Britain’s Got Talent Final …. it’s all we will be able to think about ….
Britains Got Talent 2012 Final..
….. as our second most televisual highlight of the year……..
….. which we are using as a sort of rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest,  which is now just a fortnight away.
Britains Got Talent Final 2012
I am in charge of the text messaging, we have been told that we are only allowed one vote each, so obviously our strategy of the aforementioned voting has to be robustly thorough and not wasted!  If we all agreed on the same act we could vote on block to maximise effect …..
…… but I know for certain that Nigel wants to vote for Aquabatique …….
2012 Britains Got Talent Final
Darrell is besotted by Pudsey …..
….. while I very much admire Jonathan and Charlotte…..
However, opinions could change throughout the show depending on the final performances …..
Britains Got Talent
…. but, whatever happens it will be an evening of robust and heated debate, popcorn, vimto and I daresay a few tears of emotion.
Britains Got Talent 2012 David Walliams
And I don’t know if you’ve noticed it ….. but I think that there is a slight resemblance between Darrell and David Walliams!!!  Happy Days!


Mr.D said...

Do you think Aquabatique could be the new Esther Williams?
Mr. Walliams did that swim in the Thames but I can't see him joining in a synchronised swim extravaganza.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how you can possibly choose just one...they all seem worthy...glad I don't have to choose!..Good luck to all..Dianne

Di said...

Woof, woof - go Pudsey, the winner!! :)) Well done to everyone, but I reckon HM had a casting vote, along with the corgis and there's a lorra them to vote :) Di xx