Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Ferry To Far For Nigel!

Exeter Quay
Darrell and Nigel visited to Exeter Quay yesterday on one of their little mooch arounds, followed by a Panini and light liquid refreshment at a quayside hostelry  after which Darrell suggested taking the famous and historical Butt’s Ferry…..
Butt's Ferry Bristol
….. especially as the weather looked like it was about to take a turn of an inclement type nature.  Darrell said it would have looked rude not pay the Ferryman the required 30p each to save the ten minute walk back to the car and the risk of getting soaked by what looked like wet rain. Butt's Ferry Exeter
Unfortunately Nigel would have preferred the walk, because despite the journey only taking less than five minutes he was overcome by a mahooosive bout of “seasickness” hence his none appearance in these pictures.  Once he had regained his compost mentis Nigel mused that  standing whilst afloat and buoyant on the water it had caused his body, inner ear, and eyes to send different signals to his brain, thus causing his confusion and abject queasiness!!! 
…… and had nothing at all to do with the aforementioned bacon, brie and black pudding Panini, side of fries and  coke float he had consumed earlier!!  What is he like?


Di said...

Oh dear, I just almost heaved alongside Nigel reading what he'd consumed. Serves the greedy little pig right :) Di xx

Mr.D said...

That wet rain again.
His "compost mentis" made me smile. Does his compost mentis make him mulch things over?

marc said...

i to like wet rain mr d your funny big love marc and di i am with you on that sandwich yuk

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Whether on land,sea, or in the air, that lunch was certain to cause some queasy tummy moments. Best to be cautious with really wet rain; we have that here in Florida,too...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Thank you for your kind words.