Friday, 18 May 2012

Transmetrotextual Man Darrell Sampling To Excess at The Body Shop.

Body Shop samples
Someone left an “unguarded” table of body softening samples outside The Body Shop yesterday …… and it proved to be too much temptation for Darrell, who prides himself on his transmetrotexuality …. and enthusiastic usage of all products of a beauty type nature.
Bodys Shop Samples
…. AND I am sooooo glad I wasn’t there with him, because he took the (empty) pot that he has his sunflower seeds in from his lunchbox and helped himself to a mahoooosive spatula of the Satsuma Body Butter onto which he plonked an equally mahoosive dollop of the Coconut Shimmer Body Butter to try later and then scurried off before anyone saw him ….. what is he like??? I am so ashamed!!


Anonymous said...

'Follow that smell' shouted the Security Guard!
JantheFan x

marc said...

lol at jan just make sure Nigel does not spread it on his bread or toast big love marc

Mr.D said...

I though the same as you. Satsuma...coconut....butter with a nice smell, I thought Nigel might get a spoon out.

Anonymous said...

The temptation was just too great; how could Darrell resist? I agree they do look delicious and could easily be mistaken for a new snack sensation!...Dianne