Saturday, 5 May 2012

So On Trend - Our New Cardigans - From The PE Lady's Mum

New Cardigan
The PE lady’s mum has fashioned both Darrell and I a new cardigan on her wondrous knitting needles, she said that although the weather ought to be getting warmer, we should “n’er cast a clout till May is out”
Brass buttons
As they are black and short waisted, which Darrell informs me is “sooooo robustly on trend this season,  darrrrrrllllinggg”, especially with brass buttons of a militaria type nature, they will undoubtedly be our wardrobe staples over the next few months ……
Cardigan in black
….. whether worn scarf like on the shoulder and knotted at the front, as Darrell demonstrates above…….
Over the shoulder cardigan
Or casually and in a manly fashion over the shoulder a la Nigel Havers!
PE Lady
Or, as I plan, in a cazz/smart combo ….. of a crisp white shirt and matching tie with a good pair of trousers …… for when we watch the ever nearing Eurovision Song Contest at the end of the month.
Black cardigan
xxx THANK YOU xxx PE Lady’s Mum ….. you have made two, would be, fashionistas very happy.
You just watch ….. what Monkeys dare to wear ….. Gok Wan will surely follow!

Gok, if you send us your measurements we’ll see if the PE lady’s mum will “do” you one!


Mr.D said...

The holey stone finishes off the outfit very well.

marc said...

they are so fash on trend thats for sure so kings road big showbiz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

The PE lady's mum knits beautifully and certainly has great fashion sense. You all look not only gentlemen's fashion magazine worthy but worthy of the cover! Both of you will look very handsome for a variety of events with this great fashion addition...Dianne