Friday, 25 May 2012

Pizza and Good Luck Wishes

Yesterday was the final lesson for the GCSE Food young ladies before going off on their study leave. Most will be returning in September when they will be in the Sixth Form but two will be going to new schools (where there will be boys!!!!)
GCSE Exams
We were all asked to join them on this special occasion, but unfortunately Nigel had arranged to go to Alton Towers with his friend Marcel and I had a pressing chiropodists appointment which just couldn’t be cancelled, so Darrell went and represented us all, taking with him small presents, “Good Luck” cards and a packet of tissues for when he inevitably became emotional.
When he arrived there was indeed Pizza Hut pizzas akimbo …
Pizza Hut Delivery
……plus lashings of fizzy pop ….
Muppets party plates
…… all to be quaffed on very sophisticated table ware!
Pizza Hut.
Darrell said that with so many choices of pizza it would have been rude not to have made several journeys to the “buffet”
Pizza Hut
What is he like?
Pizza Delivery..
And then, after much nomming and the giving of our presents and cards, it was time for goodbyes, good lucks and pecks on checks ….
Fond farewell
….. and for Darrell to sniff and say he thought he had a cold coming ….
Muppets Napkin
…… lost in memories of a wonderful year of stirring, tasting and evaluating and hoping that at least a couple of the girls might do A level Food so that the dream could continue!


Mr.D said...

Maybe Darrell should enrol in a GCSE Cookery/Food Science/Food Technology/Cooking Science/Gastronomy/Molecular Gastronomy/Home Economics/Epicurean Arts course.

Anonymous said...

Darrell, you can nibble my pizzas anytime you like, I'm not going anywhere! JantheFan x

marc said...

MRD AND JAN you two make me smile as much as the boys do , i hope the girls who are going of to schools with boys remember they are Ladies and punch any boy on the nose who gets to forward with them and that they all do well in life big love Marc

Anonymous said...

Ah,.. Pizza Hut and Miss Piggy plates signal a delicious fun time! It was certainly a special occasion for all and good thinking to have tissues on hand. Wherever the girls go, I know they will miss you three....Dianne

Anonymous said...

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