Monday, 28 May 2012

The Patient Is Comfortable

Since yesterday’s post we have been swamped by concerned e-mails, phone calls and twitters all asking about Darrell’s condition, …..….. 
Medically, he has a rectal pulse of 84 beats per minute, a blood pressure of 120/80 and an outside body temperature of just over 38°, all considered quite normal considering his trauma.  His urine sample has  also come back as normal, however we are still awaiting the lab report on his stool sample which has only just gone off, because, to quote Darrell's exact words “I can’t do anything, the more I think about it, the harder it is to do, especially in that small pot! What if I miss??”  What is he like?
However despite his ….. erm reluctance to erm …. strain, he is in buoyant and robust mood and is managing to keep down light fluids of a Lucozade type nature and several Marmite and Dairy Lea sandwiches with pickled onion Monster Munch.
Naturally, Darrell will be off work for a while, and so I will cover for him until he is ready for a phrased return to light rush photocopying duties.  We also have a Sun £9.50 holiday to  Weymouth booked, I was going to go with Nigel, however in the light of present circumstances I shall be sacrificing letting Darrell take my place as an aid to his convalescence, and I will go on the next one.
Darrell wishes to thank you all for your concern and has asked me to tell you that he has now caught up with the Eurovision Song Contest as I had the foresight to set it to record just before our dash of mercy to A & E ...... he hasn't said a lot, only "Englebert was done!"


Di said...

Can I quietly point out that A & E do have some fancy slings, am sure I can see a little bit of lace :)

Snort, oh dear - I know I shouldn't laugh at such a serious and traumatic event. Sorry, I'll go to bed right now! Get well hugs, Di xx

Mr.D said...

I don't think I want to know how rectal pulse is taken.

marc said...

i thought it your rectal was in your eye i think we all have learnt a lot by your fall darrell you have to make sure you dont get bed sores and are you going to have to have bed baths and use a bed pan or will you be up and about its all will yous today big love marc

Di said...

Oh Mr D just set me off again - tea spluttered over the key board here :)

I knooooow it's been a traumatic time chaps, but things will improve. Doubtless Nigel is gobbling down any grapes that might be delivered for the patient!


Di said...

Snort - oh Marc, that's your retina! Remind me never to come to you for an eye test! :) Di xx

Anonymous said...

Darrell is a true martyr to his injuries. Looking quite dashing wearing his sling; he could very well be the injured hero in a big budget blockbuster. With everyone rallying round with devoted caregiving, he will be on the mend in no time! Christopher and I are sending get well wishes...Dianne PS are you certain that's an invalid's diet?

Karen said...

Oh poor Darrell, so pleased to hear you are OK and back being looked after so well by Nigel and Monkey. Please take care and take it easy, rest a lot, and eat lots of ice cream in this hot weather to keep you cool. Keep well my friend x