Friday, 11 May 2012

New Wolves Manager Announced!

…… continued ..

Wolves Training Ground

This morning, as I passed the Wolves Training Ground, on my way to work, I spotted a Sky Sports TV van and camera crew  (well, one cameraman and a reporter) standing outside the gate …… I then had one of my Derek Acorah moments and intuitively felt that something was afoot …..

Sky News Van

…… so I decided to be bold and ask what was occurring…..

Wolves Traning Ground.

The reporter, who I have since discovered was world famous Rob Dorsett, informed me that they were expecting Wolves to announce their new manager at any second ……. ……. and to think I was there at the very cutting edge of the news …… how BRILLIANT is that????

Sky Sports News

(above Rob Dorsett tweets to all his followers that he has just met me,  …… Mums Monkey! ….. @Dorselator)

I think Rob sensed that he was in the presence of a real die hard Wolves fan, (who happens to own a Wolves doormat, a Wolves garden gnome and a Mick McCarthy mug, as well as knowing one of the ladies who makes the players a cup of tea after training) …..and before I knew it I was being miked up and probed robustly on my insightful thoughts on Stale Solbakken (a name, to be honest, that sounds very similar to one of our recently reviewed Icelandic chocolates …. that’s gone a bit off! ).

sky sports

I was nervous, but said assuredly that both Darrell and I would embrace Stale just as we had embraced TC, but it might take us a little time to love him as much as Sir Mick  ….. but our early bird season tickets was already purchased ….. and as far as I was concerned it was HI - HO WOLVERHAMPTON!

Sky Sports Interview Wolves New Team Manager

I have to admit that after my brush with fame it was hard to concentrate on my rush photocopying for the rest of the day and to be honest I couldn’t wait to get home to see if my vox pop interview was being repeated on Sky Sports every fifteen minutes or so ……. 


Mr.D said...

Voice of the people indeed. More fame at last.
I thought TC or the fans were the Wolves doormat.

Anonymous said...

Monkey you are looking very relaxed and at ease in that media/TV environment...very natural and professional..perhaps the world of media is beckoning..Wonder if the Wolves need any help in the on camera/PR spokesman department...Dianne