Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Learning To Knit For A Good Cause

Big Knit Innocent 2012
It’s knitting needles akimbo here as we’ve just had an e-mail from Innocent saying that the Big Knit is back, and it’s time to embrace the theme and start knitting with robust fervour …..

Innocent Big Knit 2012
Since we got the news Darrell and Nigel having been ravelling and unravelling with gusto …..
2012 Innocent Big Knit
There are no patterns on the site yet, but we managed find this basic pattern from a couple of years back which will give us a head start …..
  • Cast on 28 stitches in DK yarn with 3.25mm needles.
  • Knit for two rows.
  • Alternate knit and purl rows for around 16 rows.
  • Knit two stitches together along two rows, so that you have 7 stitches left.
  • Cut the yarn with a long tail, and use a yarn needle to thread it through the remaining open stitches. Pull it tight and then sew up the side of the hat
  • Make a pompom for the top and sew it on.
Innocent Big Knit 2012..
We’re not sure if Nigel is up to much knitting and purling, but we are using his head as the base for all our hats ….. if they fit Nigel’s bonce, we know that they will fit a small Innocent Smoothie bottle!  Happy Days!


Athyn said...

Too cute.. x

Mr.D said...

Maybe it is just a cunning plan to tie up Nigel to stop him getting up to more mischief.

MorningAJ said...

Oh those hats look sweet. You guys are very good to help with the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Big knitting needles, big skein of yarn, big/little knitting assignment...sounds like mahooosive fun all around! And the cutest knitters anywhere.....Dianne

marc said...

i love those hats and Nigel could have a hat for every day of the week if we all brought a bottle with a hat on and sent it to him he could become famous for his knitted hats it could be his thing like Mrs shilling at ascot big love marc