Sunday, 22 July 2012

Confectionary Of An American Type Nature

One of our greatest and most loyal fans … Jan The Fan sent us a parcel just after Darrell hurt his arm but at the same time as we lost Andy, so we decided to put it carefully away until we felt the time was right ….. and yesterday we decided we were ready to explore its wonders.American SweetiesInside there was a beautifully wrapped present for each of us, …. we decided that as the youngest and most excitable it might be best to let Nigel open his first ….
Lifesaver TropicalsExcitable, is a slight understatement …. Nigel didn’t know where to put himself ….. other than inside his parcel …
Lifesaver Tropicals.….. to come out and to reveal a packet of American Tropical Lifesavers ….. and a lovely note congratulating Nigel for his bravery and fortitude in coping with Darrell going a*** over t** on Eurovision Night, with Jan The Fan saying that she was going to contact the Queen to see if she would consider Knighting Nigel …. how brilliant would that be? ….. Our beloved Queen E going dob, dob, dob …”Arise Sir Nigel …. you MAY NOT kiss the Queen!”
Lifesaver Hard Candy
The lovely words and sentiment brought memories of that eventful night flooding back and Darrell enveloped Nigel in his arms and hugged him profusely until Nigel had to struggle free to grasp for air.
Jelly Beans Pet Rat gummi candyIt was Darrell’s turn next and his parcel revealed a humungous liquorice whiffing gummi candy pet rat …. to be honest it gave me the willies ….
Gummi Candy jelly beans Pet Rat…. but Nigel had no such qualms and the end it’s tail was in his mouth before you could say Bush Tucker Trial!
Gummi Candy Pet RatThere was a note for Darrell too … which again bought a moist dampness to all our eyes.
3 Muskateers chocolate on chocolate tasteAnd finally, it was my turn to see what my parcel would reveal …. it was only a 3 Musketeers whipped up, fluffy chocolate-on-chocolate taste bar, like what real Americans must eat every day without a second thought, but here in the Wolverhampton they are a rare and romantic delicacy. 
American Candy StoreAfter reading my note from Jan The Fan I have to admit I had to blow hard into my hankie …. WE ARE THE THREE MUSKETEERS!  All for one and one for all ……
American Candy Store.How can we ever thank Jan The Fan enough? ….. This has put us in such a robustly buoyant and effervescent frame of mind …. in the words of Aramis (the Musketeer not the aftershave) …..”Only the wrong words are a waste of time. the right words can make a more lasting impression than a thousand of Porthos's kisses!”  and we feel a confectionary review is on its way!


Anonymous said...

Awww boys - you make me blush! Opening that parcel, knowing the time it arrived, makes for bitter sweet memories.
I'm glad it brought a smile to your face, despite the tear in the eye.
Loving that quote by the way!
JantheFan x

Di said...

Bit of nose blowing going on here too - how kind of Jan indeed.

Mind you, I note that Nigel was once again flashing his builder's bum in this otherwise excellent review - snort, snort :)

Di xx

Anj said...

a builders bum on a Sunday morning Nigel... ***what a sight***

Anonymous said...

You three are indeed the three musketeers and their light fluffy namesake bar is full of fun just like you three.....yep, American's eat a lot of those! VERY surprised to hear they aren't readily available there....Nigel's bum is a bit of fluffy fun, too and brings a smile just like munching a 3 Musketeers bar.... All for one and one for all is the perfect motto for you...Love..Dianne

Mr.D said...

If Nigel does kneel to get knighted, you will have to ensure no builder's bum is on show.
The queen would not be amused.