Monday, 16 July 2012

Wotsits v Cheetos …….

We can’t remember when we last did a review of a cheesy puff comestible type nature  …. so when Auntie Jan bought us a packet of  American Cheetos to try, it seemed a no brainer to get our act together and have a robust compare and contrast session with the aforementioned Cheetos and our own home grown Walkers Wotsits!
Decopatch TableHowever, the first obstacle we encountered was our new kitchen table, lovely and great though it undoubteably is ….. it’s multi-patterned cheerfulness is not really conducive to the professional conditions we like to conduct our taste sessions under …. so we had to find a neutral tablecloth to ensure that our rigorous testing standards were upheld!
Walkers baked WotsitsOur first observation was that although the packaging appeared to be quite different, both manufactures have in fact used the colours blue and orange to entice the shopper into making a cheesy puff snack type choice.Wotsits v CheetosHowever once the packets were opened the difference between  the snacks was instantly obvious ……
Cheetos v Wotsits…… the American Cheetos were mahooooosive when compared to our tiddly little Wotsits!
Cheese Puff type snackNaturally, Nigel veered towards the larger of the cheese puffs …. which we also noticed left some savoury and bright orange residue on Nigel’s face and fingers, but nothing that a good suck and lick couldn’t remove!
Compare and contrastWe all decided that flavour and texture wise there was little difference between the two snacks …. so Darrell decided to study the nutritional values on the back of the packets ….. which again were very similar.
Cheetos puffsThen things descended into silliness when Darrell and Nigel thought that the mahoosive Chetoos looked like comedy smiley mouths …..
Cheetos Puffs.…… and eyebrows which totally ruined the professional ambiance of our review ….. they can be so juvenile at times!  Anyway once Darrell and Nigel had calmed down we all decided to award both snacks nine noms each……. nom, nom, nom!


Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a bag of wotsits! However I have never attached them to any part of my anatomy, might give it a try!!! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Have had a few illicit moments with Cheetos, but I don't care for the Cheetos Puffs...I do like the Cheetos crunchy ones(I think that's what they are called; they aren't all air like the puffs).....they do leave telltale orangey fingers; ...unfortunately, I find the Cheetos crunchy snacks do attach themselves DIRECTLY to my hips!....Dianne

Di said...

Oh perleeeease boys! I was doing fine, reading this and sipping my early morning cuppa until I reached the 'mouth and eyebrows' bit. Off to wipe tea away, spat all over the screen and keyboard - and also dry my eyes from laughing. Sure woke me up with a start :)

Hugs, Dixx

marc said...

you made me smile and that was hard to do today as it hurt so much but was worth it big love marc

Sarah said...

The eyebrows are hilarious! :-D

Mr.D said...

Di (or is it Dixx?) I think you need a waterproof computer or at least some waterproof covers for it.
Dianne, Cheetos attach themselves directly to your hips and directly to Darrell's mouth and eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

HI there Mr D......darn Cheetos!!! Sometimes snacks are evil in disguise, but such a temptation; resistance can be futile!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I agree. Once I have one, I can't stop until I finish the packet or packets.