Monday, 9 July 2012

A Dorset Cream Tea Before Leaving Weymouth For Home.

Chesil beach Portland Heights Hotel
Before Darrell and Nigel’s long journey home Andy took them to The Heights Hotel in Portland where he and mum had spent serveral very happy and great holidays (before we were around!)  The view of Chesil Beach (one of Andy and Mum’s VERY favourite places in the whole wide world) was truly stunning……
View of Chesil beachNaturally Darrell and Nigel took advantage of a Hello Magazine type photo shoot in front of such a wonderful vista …..
View of Chesil beach form Portland Heights
….. and though they embraced the moment with all their usual vim and vigour, they now wish they had just embraced it all for little bit longer and appreciated the moment for just a little bit more, knowing the great sadness that was to come just a few days later.
Coffee Bar The Portland Heights
They went into the restaurant for a slap up morning coffee …… where Andy (foolishly) said that they could have ANYTHING on the menu!!!
Dorset Apple Cake
Darrell plumped for the Dorset Apple Cake, without clotted cream as he had started to worry about his waistline after a weekend of wanton ice cream and fish and chip type indulgence!
Dorset Treats The Portland Heights
Nigel on the other hand couldn’t decided between the Tea For One or the Tea for Two. In the end Andy pointed out that the Tea for One should be both ample and sufficient for him, adding, quite firmly, that he wouldn’t take too kindly to having to pull over on the way home so that Nigel could “avail himself of some fresh air” …….
Dorset Cream tea The Portland Heights
Andy’s cake of choice was a Blueberry Muffin, which he had also partaken in in every coffee shop and cafe they had visited during the weekend, noting that they all came from the same bakery! What was he like??
Blueberry Muffin
And as you will see from the picture Andy’s beloved Tic Tacs were never far away from him ……It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend, warm sunshine, a beautiful view and cakes akimbo ….. a weekend that will NEVER EVER be forgotten by any of us.


Athyn said...

Awwwww what a lovely tale xxx

Hugs to you all .. Lots of love Jen and Clint

Anonymous said...

That must have been a difficult story to relate, yet done with the fitting humour we expect from this wonderful blog. These few episodes have left a memory not only with you but also with us, your readers.
Andy will be proud looking down from the great bakery in the sky, wonder who makes the Blueberry muffins up there, where I bet the Tic Tacs are free.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Wonderful memories for Mum about a special place for you and Andy.

Given the choice, would Nigel have opted for two all you can eat brunches instead of one?

marc said...

its in the sharing we find the love and we love that you share with us big love big hug marc

tilly said...

A perfect end to a holiday with so many happy memories,thank you for sharing it with us.
Well done boys on not being ill on the way home

Anonymous said...

A magical memory of a most special time...may it always bring special memories even if there is mist in the eyes...lovely memory to share with us...thank you...Dianne