Friday, 20 July 2012

Nigel and Darrell “Do” A Here’s One I Should Have …. Made Earlier …..

It’s Lucy’s birthday in a couple of weeks time and Darrell and Nigel have been given to much musing as to making her a “wondrous” and unique handcrafted birthday gift ….Shrink Chrisp bagsIt started with them eyeing up the empty cheese puff packets left over from our review the other day ….
hot oven …and Darrell remembering something he’d seen on the internet about shrinking similar aforementioned packets to make lovely novelty items ….shrunk disasterSo aided and abetted by Nigel he decided to pop them into the oven along with our lunch time baked potatoes to see what would happened ….. shrunked upThe results were a little less satisfactory than they had hoped (perhaps doing a little more research before randomly shoving them into a hot cooker would have helped), the Wotsits bag had melted into a most unsavoury and unworkable blob!
Hole punchBut, undeterred Darrell and Nigel nipped up to the craftroom to transform their work of art into something both exciting and great for Lucy’s birthday joy and pleasure!2020By punching a hole in the shrunken Cheetos packet it was magically  transformed into a one off/one of a kind keying ….. the sort of thing that Darrell and Nigel imagined Lucy passing round the office with great pride and much admiration from her co-workers ….
I’m not so sure, I think I may suggest that they have another little think and I then I might add a little bit to their pocket money ….. girls can be funny creatures when it comes to presents!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm........but it's the thought - so they say!

Di said...

Ahem, bit of a rethink needed perchance?

Mr D, it's Di, sometimes I get so excited by the antics on here though, I don't leave a space before adding a couple of kisses for the boys! Di xx

Ali said...

Lol this brings back memories used to this when I was at school x

tilly said...

at least you had a go boys and it IS unique!, maybe think twice???

Anonymous said...

It is interesting and definitely one of a kind, but perhaps a rethink and second try is always worth the effort when trying a new technique....but Lucy will certainly love the artistic handcrafted effect of any gift you boys make...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Check online to find out the best way of doing it.
Thanks for the couple of kisses - hugs and kisses are always welcome.