Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nigel Shares His “Suck”!

N.B. “suck” is a Wolverhampton colloquialism for sweeties!
We let Nigel take the bag of Broken Weymouth Rock that he and Darrell brought back from their Sun £9.50 holiday to share amongst the busy Admin ladies in Resources/Reprographics, (although looking at these pictures I wonder exactly how many pieces of rock Nigel enjoyed himself!).
Weymouth Rock.
All the aforementioned ladies squealed in delight when they saw him as they hadn’t seen Nigel for ages, what  with him now working under the supervision of the Cook Lady in the Kitchen, checking that the iced batons were frozen correctly  and ensuring that there are always enough wooden spoons to go with the ice cream tubs. 
Weymouth Rock..
They told him that rush photocopying just wasn’t the same since the new fingertip technology machines had been introduced and that no one had a clue how to use them properly ….. and so rush photocopying was now either very very slow, or stationary!
Weymouth Rock
Everyone also admired Nigel’s Weymouth tan and remarked on how sun kissed and healthy  he was looking, however when he informed them that it was “all over tan” the ladies all politely declined Nigel’s “kind” offer to check that he had “no white bits whatsoever”  …… !!!  What is he like ……. (other than very brown) ?????


Athyn said...

Nigel :o

Di said...

Phew, close call there! No mooning please :) Di xx

marc said...

he will be asking for fake tan soon to keep the look up and then he will be wanting to go to the gym 3 times a week and then we will see him on bbc3 snog marry avoid big showbiz tan and smile Hugh

Mr.D said...

Suntan or just not washed for the duration?

Anonymous said...

Nigel gets your attention whether it is with sweeties or a golden glowing tan from his seaside holiday.....toasty tan or golden tan ..Nigel's a golden boy, pure and simple! Dianne