Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vinnie – Off To Do His Duty for Lord Coe, The Queen ….. And The Country

Gamesmaker London 2012 Vinnie The VolunteerOur best friend Vinnie The Volunteer paid us a whistle stop visit earlier  in the week. He had managed to sandwich us in between Gamesmaker training sessions, uniform fittings and packing his bags for his great adventure with Auntie Jan, to serve their/our country in the spectacular that will be The London 2012 Olympiad!  WE ARE SO PROUD!!
London 2012 Gamesmaker VinnieVinnie looked extremely impressive in his outfit and his accreditation made us go “oooooo” and “ahhhhhh” and feel all goosebumpy ……..
2012 Gamesmaker.…….. especially knowing that when we are watching the Olympic swimming via satellite, on the tele, Vinnie will be busy working in the background, talcing the swimmers swimming hats, putting their towels on the radiators to dry or keep warm, making sure they know all the rules of the pool like no bombing, no petting or smoking and making sure they ALL use the foot baths, as it would be too devastating for words if London 2012 left the world’s greatest swimmers return home with a legacy of veruccas!
imagesDuring Vinnie’s visit we also made a decision of a very momentous type nature, we are all going to venture to London too ……..!!!!!
Olympic GamesmakerWe don’t have tickets and we don’t think we will be able to go into the Olympic Park, but we can gaze from a distance, mingle with the crowds, pay exorbitant prices for a 99 ice cream, look for TV crews doing interviews and stand in the background nodding knowledgably  …… and most important of all, we will robustly embrace every single moment with our usual emotion and zeal  ….. and say …..  “We were there!”
London 2012 Gamesmaker….. Vinnie said that we can stay with him, as he has secured a room in Wanstead. He said we will all have to bunk up together, but that will just add to the romance of the whole experience …. (though we will have to watch Nigel’s diet during our stay!).
All we need to do is book our passage by train, obtain and top up an oyster card and go shopping for new clothes ……. it’s ALL TOO EXCITING …. we may even be able to slip in a visit to see our friend Hugh who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill …… and see what life is like for him amongst the sequins and feather boas …………..!!!!


marc said...

how fab for vince we know he will do our country proud and boys we shell have the kettle on a low light and the champs on ice till you get here and will keep our diarys free so we can meet up big showbiz wave and big love marc and Hugh

Bee and Dee said...

Have a great time, the parks in London are having big screens so you can watch the games Hugs to you all Bee

Debbie said...

There is a brand new shopping centre in Stratford, not far from the Olympic park. You will be in shopping heaven. Have a great time and will look forward to all your reports. Hugs Debbie x

Anonymous said...

This is ALL so impressive and Vinnie looks very official and handsomme...he is certain to represent Britain in the best professional manner...Sooooo wonderful you all will be going to London, too...A visit with Marc and Hugh will truly be a highlight for one and all....All readers will be waiting for every little glimpse and report of all these wondrous happenings....Love to all....Dianne

Di said...

Wow boys, a trip to London during the Olympics should be fun. Come on Team GB!! Di xx

Mr.D said...

You will be able to get the full effect of a huge Hugh showbiz wave with Marc.
If bombing and heavy petting were Olympic sports, I'm sure Team GB would be individual and team gold medalists.