Monday, 30 July 2012

Vinnie Games Maker For London 2012

Vinnie debriefed_thumb[9]Being a Games Maker for the London 2012 Olympic Games means plenty of early starts for Vinnie, for him a 4.30 am start, like yesterday is chicken feed!  He travels to “work” each day on a proper London bus, which is just soooo romantic in a Cliff Richard in his early days type way.
SAMSUNG            Vinnie had to be in Hyde Park for his 7.00 am shift on the Information Desk for the Marathon Swimming Training Session …. but he said it was a little disappointing because although the weather was exceptionally clement none of the athletes came to train there that morning, preferring instead to opt to workout at the Aquatics Centre, he mused that in away he couldn’t blame them as the water at the pool was definitely warmer, bluer and they wouldn’t have to  swim around any ducks or rowing boats!
Trade a pin coca cola_thumb[6]After being debriefed and relieved of his sentry Vinnie decided to avail himself of the pleasures of Hyde Park and happened to find the Official Coca Cola Pin Trading Centre.Coca Cola Trade A Pin_thumb[7]Vinnie says that Pin Trading is a mahooooooosive on trend activity at the Olympics, but as he didn’t have any badges to swop he smoozed robustly with the traders ……Coca Cola Pin_thumb[7]…. and purchased a Pin Traders badge to wear with pride and start off his collection…
SAMSUNG            He attracted quite a lot of attention at the centre due to his overwhelming effervescent interest and was cordially invited back to “trade” anytime.
Trade a pin coco cola at London 2012_thumb[9]Waiting for our trip to London is almost to much to bear, especially when Vinnie keeps sending us these tantalising vignettes to whet our appetite of things to come.  Darrell has also been musing as to whether the Coca Cola people would be interested in trading one of their badges for an ancient Tufty Club badge he found in the loft the other day ….. hmmmm, somehow I think they would give him short shift!


Anonymous said...

Oh the Tufty Club, a brief glimpse down memory lane there. Wouldn't mind a full walk down the lane if you fancy doing a blog on the Tufty Club....pretty perleeese?!
Anyway back to the present - well done Vinnie for being on the ball, or maybe the lakeside, athletes or no athletes, you were there and we are proud!
Wear your badge with pride!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I was in the Tufty Club too. I won a cake in a tin from them one birthday. Nomtastic.

Anonymous said...

Ever reliable Vinnie is properly taking care of Aquatic business no matter where the athletes happen to trading is very popular here in the US too, and the Olympic pins look sooo impressive....hope Vinnie gets a big collection...BIG thanks to Vinnie and Auntie Jan for these super pictures!!...Dianne