Sunday, 29 July 2012

Working It With Mr Muscle …

All this Olympic brouhaha is all very well and good BUT it doesn’t get the oven cleaned ……Oven cleaner. Mr MuscleIt’s a bi-annual chore chez nous (Christmas and summer holidays) that none of us relish and this time the responsibility  for the duty befell upon me. …. and all things considered I think I rose stalwartly to the challenge ….
Mr Muscle Oven CleanerMy oven cleaner of choice is unquestionably Mr Muscle ….. even if it does make me cough robustly ….. grease and grime just quake in its wake!Oven Cleaner Mr MuscleForget all that running, jumping, skipping. splishing and splashing that’s occurring in London over the next couple of weeks ….. Mr. Muscle is my Olympic Champion ….!


Anonymous said...

Monkey I share in your lament over the oven cleaning. Not my chore of choice either. I'll make a deal with you, once you have cleaned your oven I'll give you a Gold Medal if you and and Mr. Muscle get to grips with mine. I might ever throw in a Marmite sandwich at half time.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

With your so apropriately decorated shirt, you do appear to be participating in an Olynpic type event of the domestic variety !!! Have we just not heard of this category?? Olympic competition or not, you are certainly knowledgeable and working diligently to do a first rate job to keep your homestead shiny clean...Love you..Dianne

Mr.D said...

I look like Mr Muscle - the little skinny one from the old adverts, not the cartoon character in the recent adverts.
They had the Chap Olympiad a few weeks ago which included the Cucumber Sandwich Discus and Pipe Smoker's Relay. Maybe there should be an equivalent event that includes oven cleaning.
Hopefully nobody tries to use Monkey or his friends as an oven cleaning implement!