Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Working On Olympic Time ….

It hasn’t taken Vinnie long to establish his “Living The Dream”  daily 2012 Olympic Routine …SAMSUNG            After a short walk to work and getting through the robust and very rigorous security of an Olympiad type nature…..
SAMSUNG            He is ready for whatever duties a 2012 Gamemaker may be asked to perform ….. like making that sure all the Olympic clocks had batteries in them and were then set at the right time for every part of the world!
SAMSUNG            …… Then checking that no French or English litter has been dropped anywhere dans le Parc……
SAMSUNG            And making sure there are enough verruca socks for any such afflicted water based athletes…….. Vinnie says that “No Olympian’s foot health or hygiene must be compromised at these Games, not with the whole world watching us …….”  
SAMSUNG            ….. He has also the keys to the bicycle pump cupboard at the Velodrome!
SAMSUNG            There certainly isn’t time for anyone to slack and do nothing in these days of final preparation type nature  …. except for perhaps when someone sent Vinnie for a long stand………. !!!!!
What are they like????


Anonymous said...

I see his halo is showing in that final long stand - what a star!
JantheFan x
p.s. I can feel the tension mounting!

Anonymous said...

Vinnie seems to have all bases great is it to have these on site pictures!!! Such a mahoosive treat for us who love seeing behind the scenes at this major world event.... Vinnie certainly brings excitment to my day!...Love ..Dianne

Allie Jolliffe said...

It's all so robustly exciting! To think that Vinnie is in charge of such important things as foot health and bicycle pumps! Magical!

Mr.D said...

I have sent pupils for a long stand and a long weight in the past. Tee hee.
Well done Vtv.