Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Trip To Ironbridge

While Darrel and Nigel were away in Weymouth I availed myself of a bijou trip to our nearby beautiful and historic World Heritage site of Ironbridge ……
The Ironbridge Gorge
….. which is held on a par to the Taj Mahal and The Great Hall of China as a wonder of the world and for its unique contribution to the Industrial Revolution.
Ironbridge Gorge
……. The Ironbridge has stood proud over the River Severn for more than two hundred year was built by Abraham Darby in 1779 ……..
The Ironbridge
…… and, as a little family aside, has been Morris Danced upon by the Lovely Laura’s mum one Boxing Day a couple of years ago! Which must have been a proud moment!
As I stood there,  drinking in the beautiful views I could not help, in flight of whimsy, wonder what Ironbridge was called before the aforementioned Mr Darby built his bridge?????? Hmmmmm
Visit to Ironbridge
I then decided to take home a small comestible souvenir from my visit, for my teatime repast ……
Ebey's Pork Pies
…… in the form of one of Embrey’s World Famous Hand Raised Pork Pies ….. excellent with just a little summer salad.
Is Your name Here IronbridgeI also popped into the “Is Your Name Here?” shop to see if “we” had a Coat of Arms or something ….. unfortunately the gentlemen inside said that though Monkey, (or the derivative Monkeey), was an interesting and unusual name, it did not have any history pertaining to it ……. which was very disappointing …. perhaps Darrell, Nigel and I should endeavour to make our own…..???!!!


Anonymous said...

Every day, you make me smile and brighten up my day. This day is no expection! The Iron Bridge is one place I would like to visit. When I am fortunate to gaze my eyes upon its wonder, I will avail myself of a Pork Pie and a little summer salad too. I doubt they will have JantheFan in the Is Your Name Here shop so I will pass by that little establishment. Thank you for my little preparatory tour. x

Anonymous said...

Love this bijou trip for a day out...not to worry, I'm certain your Mum could design a spectacular coat of arms with M,D, amd N and the appropriate monkey heraldry.....Ironbridge is also the home base of the wonderful Merrythought teddy bears, not sure they still are made....Love the pictures of this fun do make the day special for many of us..Dianne

marc said...

who what a day full of real English history and you boys know your stuff and then all things British to eat in the way of ye oldie porky pie and geting down with the kids morriss dancing so dislocated hip and very little hop and what a great idea a coat of arms crafty mum could make it using her serif craft artist pro you it would be so fitting to have it done in this year of all things great British IE jubilee, Olympics ,world pride was here last week as well big GOD SAVE THE MONKEYS big love marc

Bee and Dee said...

The pork scratching's are great from this shop too. Hugs from a Shropshire lass stranded in Yorkshire for far to longs.
Hugs Bee

Mr.D said...

I used to take visitors to Ironbridge when I lived in the locality.
Before the iron bridge, maybe it was just called "The Gorge."
My mouth is watering, ready for a non-Melton Mobray pork pie.