Saturday, 14 July 2012

Darrell …… Exposed?!?!!!!

Luxury Pedicure
Yesterday I found Darrell robustly studying the “menu” for the Sarah Louise’s Beauty Salon across the road.
Me Time
He said he needed a bit of “me time”.
At first he wasn’t sure what he wanted .... or what part of his body needed doing the most.
Unusual Position
..... after getting into some very strange positions .... he finally decided that he would invest in a “Toe Tidy” at just £8.50.
However,  when I warned him that this will entail the total disrobement of his aforementioned toe regions  …. I think he began to reconsider, because, despite all his bravado, Darrell does have a few issues of an intimate exposure type nature…. what is he like?


Anonymous said...

Sarah Louise's establishment sounds interesting and the menu a veritable fascinating smorgasbord of me time choices....would a manicure and hand massage qualify as me time?? No disrobing required for dear Darrell (unless he was planning to wear gloves)...Darrell keeps us on our toes wondering what comes next....Dianne

marc said...

Sarah Louise seems to have it all at very good price i would pull my finger out and get streight over there legs a kimbo toes a waggaling big reflexoligey love marc

Mr.D said...

Toe tidy? Does this entail making sure they are in the right order and put away on a shelf or something?