Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sun £9.50 Holiday Memories To Take Home…..

Picture 021
The last day of a Sun £9.50 holiday is always sad, you miss home and your family and friends…..Picture 012
….. but everything at the seaside is just so exciting and great, you feel sad to leave it all behind ….
seaview weymouth
Nigel had greatly enjoyed all the facilities of an amusement Penny Falls type nature and had won a lot of tickets, but unfortunately not quite enough to exchange for a prize, so he passed them on to two children to add to their collection so that they could hopefully get a bigger and better prize of choice from the vast array in the prize kiosk..
Picture 019
Nigel also said that he would greatly miss being woken up in the morning by the sound of seagulls padding about on the caravan roof ….. and how romantic burnt toast smelt from his bunk bed as it was being scrapped in the bijou galley kitchen!
Massive Meringues
Darrell will never forget the mahoooosive pink meringues he spotted in one of bakeries in Weymouth,  but was sorry that he had missed out on their sweet delights, because, although he stood in the shop for a while and coughed loudly (almost consumptively), several times in order to attract attention, there was obviously something of very import occurring in the back as no one came out to serve him ….. and thus, in the end, he left, disappointingly empty handed!
Picture 038 Picture 037
And how could they ever forget the Weymouth 99p Shop …..??  Where else could you pur-chase a one size fits all, back fastening, 50/50 polycotton medical gown for just 99p????!!!  Though very tempting, in the end Darrell and Nigel refrained from making a random spur of the moment shopping choice and instead decided to share a bag of 20 mini fruity pops Chupa Chups (99p)
Haven Seaview Weymouth
Ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaha ……………….
sitting on the beach
…… summer days driftin' away …………


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of this memorable holiday; Weymouth is a perfect holiday destination...Wishing you many special holiday memories..Dianne

Anonymous said...

Feeling it for you and the boys, but what a perfect ending to a very special weekend.
JantheFan x

ali said...

Glad to see someone else enjoys their sun holidays as much as i do

tilly said...

what a fun holiday for the bargin price of £9.50p, a good time was had by all, (and the hospital gown could have come in so useful for numerous occasions lol)

marc said...

a great holiday thankyou for sharing it with us all i feel like i have been there with you may be you could get a job as holiday review writers big holiday sunshine love marc

Mr.D said...

I don't want the mental image of any of you wearing a back fastening medical gown! No taking a bow in one of these.
One size fits all? So it fits both Nigel and Mum? Impressive.