Saturday, 28 July 2012

News From The London 2012 Aquatic Centre

images (25)OMG … OMG …. OMG …. Vinnie and Auntie Jan were on duty at the Aquatics Centre for the first swim session of the London 2012 Olympics and guess who turned up to watch? …..  ONLY The Queen (WE LOVE THE QUEEN), Prince Philip, Princess Anne and her husband Prince Tim(?) ….. and Princess Anne spoke to them ….. alas no photos ….. but how wonderful …. Vinnie says he has to keep pinching himself (and Auntie Jan) to make sure that living the dream isn’t really a dreamSAMSUNG


Anonymous said...

My jaw has dropped!!! Just lost for words - what an honour!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

I just knew Vinnie and Auntie Jan would be recognized as valuable, super volunteers by any VIP's who happen to see them!!! All soooo wonderfully "butterflies in the tummy" type of excitement...can't wait for next update as Vinnie and Auntie Jan are right in the thick of this historical event!!!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Who will you meet next? James Bond? Johnny English? Mr.D?