Monday, 23 July 2012

More News From Vinnie and Auntie Jan–London 2012

Vinnie’s Olympic Dream is only just beginning, but his effervescent joy is tangible whenever he gets a chance to e-mail us.

SAMSUNG            He has been working at the Village Services Centre in the Athletes Village on the Aquatics Information Desk. It is just too romantic and exciting for words! He has embraced meeting Chef de Mission's and Heads of Delegations from all over the world robustly. He has taken it all in his stride, keeping his head and trying not to let any starstruckness take over.SAMSUNG            He has been able to take an access all areas walk around the Olympic village and …………………… found the home of Team GB. We’re afraid we’d have wet ourselves if we had got that close!SAMSUNG            ……. and look at the doormats ……. we feel so proud!


Anonymous said...

Excitement just doesn't come near how he must be feeling. Will he meet Tom Daley? Rebecca Adlington? Keri-Anne Payne? We want all the behind the scenes gossip and tantrums, stroke by stroke so to speak?! What an honour!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

The excitement begins!! Vinnie is so impressive and WOW, what mahoosive fun to read about Vinnie's look around the Village....he has found his stride as he performs his Aquatics responsibilities like a lucky we readers are!! .... having the inside scoop of the Olynpic happenings is just soooo amazing.....Dianne

ps Vinnie is like D"Artagnan to those three musketeers, Monkey, Darrell, and Nigel!

Mr.D said...

Vinnie certainly would be no doormat if it came to stoppping poor behaviour when he is volunteering.