Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Opening Of The London 2012 Olympic Games ……

London 2012 Opening CeremonyPlease bear with us ….. it was a VERY late night last night ….
London 2012 Paul McCartney ….. and when Paul McCartney started warbling that just about finished us off !London 2012 Opening Ceremony.His voice is not what it used to be ......... in our humble opinion he should have moved over and let David Beckham have a go at singing, he couldn't have been any worse!


Anonymous said...

You said it boys! But he got the party singing I suppose and he is a British Institution - let's face it - we would have missed him really if he had been given the heave ho!
Wasn't that cauldron just A-Maze-ing???!!!
Exciting times AHEAD - what! - as long as Lizzy doesn't take Paul's head after tonight's performance.
JantheFan x

Di said...

Hilarious and so spot on boys! I was quite enjoying it until P Mac Wotsit started yowling and then it suddenly became very urgent here to go and wander round the garden checking that the hedgehog food was topped up for the night - it was that or go and barf down the big white porcelain trumpet in disgust, I felt ill - absolutely awful! I sing like a cat in pain - and, even so, could have done better. But, lots of it was good - loved Rowan Atkinson and also looked for Vinnie popping up in front of a camera but there was no show :( Snort!

Thank you for the honest critique - last I saw of Hank and Marvin they were buried under a cushion with their ears blocked, little groans of despair could be heard!

Love and hugs, Di xx

Di said...

Agree with Jan - the cauldron was amaaaazing. Just a shame we ended on such a bum note - literally :( Di xx

Mr.D said...

Remember the good bits and forget the bad ones. I was out and missed the lot. I will watch the highlights.

Anonymous said...

Could anything have been more perfect than the Olympic flame and the lighting of cauldron???...I think not!!..Dianne