Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Darrell and Nigel’s Nuts!

Famous for our nuts
This picture was taken in the Royal Oak, Weymouth, which we hasten to say is famous for its nuts!!
Darrell's nuts
But you know Darrell and Nigel, never ones to miss out on a photo opportunity of a double entendre type nature!
Nigel's nuts
Any comments relating to Darrell or Nigel’s nuts are best kept to yourselves!


Anonymous said...

My hubby loves his nuts, the monkey type preferably, his nuts of choice! JantheFan

Mr.D said...

I was thinking about Monkey Nuts too. JTF.
I am partial to a cashew myself.

Anonymous said...

Weymouth seems to excell at so many things, so having a large assortment of nuts they are famous for is no surprise!...Lots of nut type questions here..I am partial to plain old Planter's Spanish peanuts.....YUM any day for nuts on top of ice cream....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I do not like my nuts crushed.

marc said...

i love nuts cashews and macadamion being some of my favs and in a cake walnut but with coffee and in a danish and pie then its pecan all the way nuts o hazel nuts thats what i say big love marc