Saturday, 7 July 2012

Millions Of Years Of History

Fossil beach Shop Weymouth
As you know Darrell very much likes to peruse the shops of a tourist type nature whilst on Sun £9.50 holidays as he says “They offer a range of trinkets and bibs and bobs not oft found in the likes of Wolverhampton” …and he when he saw Fossil Beach he was in there before you could say Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Fossil Shop
“So much history of such a immense age and mystery gives me the Goosebumps” he continued.
Fossil Beach Weymouth
Nigel was a little unsure and was nervous that some of the fossils would come back to life, but Darrell just told him not to be silly and that he had an over active imagination which wasn’t helped by playing too many scary computer games with Marcel.
Buying a sharks tooth
In the end Darrell decided to purchase a couple of fossilised sharks teeth to wear round his neck to go with his holey stone ……
Mammoth bones
…. and few mammoth bone beads to make bracelets for presents for friends when he got home.
Crystal Healing
Nigel didn’t want anything, but sought shelter in an amethyst geode which he said made him feel all astral and at one with Derek Acorah, plus …. for the first time in ages his “…. chakra seemed perfectly balanced”….. good grief, what is he like???


Anonymous said...

It's all crystal clear to me now boys! JantheFan x
p.s. as for old fossils, there is a particularly large one in this house too, not a stones throw away from where I am sitting.

Mr.D said...

Be prepared if Nigel starts singing about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius or synchronicity. He may then start talking about all things tantric and we know where that can end up! Just look at Sting.

marc said...

he will be wearing all that tie diy soon big love marc

Anonymous said...

Nigel's really on a trip! With his chakra aligned and balanced and safely at rest in the geode, Nigel is in the zone of all things harmonious, universe wise.....Can't wait to see Darrell's creations with all those treasures....Great holiday fun there...Dianne