Tuesday, 24 July 2012

OMG…. OMG….. Vinnie Is A Star In Columbia!

We have had a bit of a think and come to the realisation that at the moment our daily adventures are dead boring a little trivial and mundane compared to that of our friend Vinnie Games Maker for the London Olympic Games 2012, so we have decided to put a lot of our news on hold …. (unless it is humungously exciting) and let Vinnie take centre stage for a while ……providing a unique insight into the stella spectacular that is but a few days away …….
So …. yesterday we had a frantic phone call from Vinnie …. he had only been walking through the Olympic Park posing for pictures for Auntie,  when he was approached by a Columbian TV Crew wanting to know all about him, his role as a Games Maker and what he had done to earn his position!  OMG … OMG … Auntie Jan said they took several takes to make sure they had all the angles right (Vinnie refusing makeup!) and also spent a lot of time filming one of their crew pinning a Columbian TV badge on him!  Just think of it ….. Vinnie, at this very moment could be being screened all over Columbia ……. how Olymptastic is that!!  We are sooooooo proud in a Columbian Hello Magazine type way!
Unfortunately Auntie Jan was too busy being filmed with Vinnie to take any photos of the occassion herself ….. so if anyone has a link to Columbian TV ……??


Anonymous said...

Oh my Oh my this adventure just gets betterer and betterer by the day - if not the minute!!!
JantheFan x

tilly said...

How amazing for Vinnie to be on tv....his hard work is paying dividends lol

Anonymous said...

How exciting and soooo wonderful Vinnie is getting the attention he deserves and has earned. Vinnie does have star quality so it isn't a surprise someone at this world event would be interested in spotlighting him as an Olympic volunteer...this is such a special day....ooooooh for Columbian TV!!!...Big excitement here....Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS...Your daily adventures are never mundane or boring....they are always fun and interesting and we love having a glimpse into life chez nous....Love every post...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Vinnie's fame is spreading.
What is the name of the TV channel? I tried to Google it and searched for Vinnie on Colombia TV but with no joy.
Columbia is in the USA and the country is Colombia. I went in a mud volcano near Cartagena a few years ago. Amazing.

Athyn said...

Vinnie we are so proud. Mummy saw the torch relay today and had a perfect view with hardly anyone there at arms length. She would have been on tv but apparently the camera cut out just a bit further up the road.:( Clint xxx