Saturday, 29 December 2012

A Babycham And Cherry B – Our Considered Opinion …….

Tom and the lovely Laura bought over some “retro” drinks during the festive period for our delectation, and to be honest, wanting our considered opinion,  as to their suitability as beverages to serve to their guests at their forthcoming nuptials in the summer.
Babycham and Cherry BWe have to admit to never having tried a Babycham or Cherry B before, however, we found them very acceptable and easy on our discerning palates.  We thought that the Babycham to be a dainty and light drink,  with a subtle nose that evoked much laughter and robust merriment, very apt for a celebration of a matrimonial type nature, with bubbles that tickle the aforementioned (subtle) nose.  The Cherry B on the other hand had very strong notes of cough mixture with hot sticky jam overtones. Our advice to the betrothed Tom and The Lovely Laura would be to pour half a dozen of each into a large Tupperware jug with a smorgasbord of fruit e.g apples, lemons, limes, orange slices, and perhaps the odd sliver of cucumber and Bob would certainly be their Aunt Fanny!
028Tom and Laura then rewarded our impressive connoisseurial critique with a small samplette of the chocolate orange and banana liqueurs they brought back from their holiday in St Lucia …
029…… let us just say they were omnipresent omnipotent potent  strong…..
032….. and therefore not at all suitable for any sort of celebration of a connubial type nature!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! we can see you threw yourself into this wedding assignment with your whole being! I'm certain Tom and the Lovely Laura are happy to have your experienced palate to ensure wedding drinks success!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

"Bubbles that tickle the aforementioned (subtle) nose." Your noses are very subtle. So subtle, I can hardly see them. How do you smell? Badly?
Were you drunk at the end or just trying London lounging without a chaise longue? I assume the former.

Anonymous said...

Boys - behave - what ARE you like???!!! But then if you did behave it wouldn't be quite so funny - darn it - just let it all hang out man! JantheFan x

lynne said...

Michty me boys as we say up need to put a wee drop mair water in it!