Sunday, 9 December 2012

Attending To Matters Of A Christmas Type Nature.

Writing our Christmas cards is always one of the most important preliminary festive events on our Advent Calendar
Royal Christmas CardIt’s an evening when we switch off the television and come together in Yuletide harmony to remember all our many special friends …..
Christmas Card 2012….. and this year is extra special for us because Nigel has been able to sign his name for the very first time.
Writing Our Christmas CardsWe are SO proud!
Monkey Christmas CardGinGull Bells
Monkey Christmas Card.This year, after robust and at times heated debate,  we decided to go for a design of a humorous genre,  something a little different from our usual romantic Hello Magazine frolicking in the snow type shots.Christmas Post 2012With all the cards were done, we sent Nigel to check that we had plenty of time to get them posted ……
Christmas Post….. and then the cards were duly sent on their way ….. Now it’s down to postmen throughout the country with their bulging festive sacks to afford them safe passage to their destinations.


Mr.D said...

Gin and gull. Ho ho ho.
I'm sure posties up and down the country will do a great job.

ali said...

wish i was getting one of those cards for christmas

marc said...

your card made me smile it in my dreesing room as we speak ,i got marc to bring it around yesterday he was full of envy that he did not get one but i had to point out that you could not send every one one but may be next year it will be his turn it did not stop him muttering words that i could not quite make out about faviourts and wait till its there birthday o how bitter and twisted mer mortals can be never mind i love it darlings big show biz wave Hugh ps to make it up to marc i am letting him sighn and send all my cards out for me that way he can pretend he has lots of friends to the lady selling postage stamps

Di said...

Hank and Marvin fought over who has this fabby card on their side of the bed. They now take it in turns, on their 'not my turn to open the advent calendar' day - peace reigns once again, for now!

Thanks you so much boys! Hugs, Di xx

KraftyKaren said...

Such a beautiful card boys - you always send out such wonderful ones - I think you have surpassed yourselves this year.

Karen x

Bee and Dee said...

We have our lovely card, we think it's wonderful thank you so much could you e-mail us you address so we can send a card to you. Lots Of Hugs Bee and Dee