Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Great Christmas (Office) Bake Off.

Great Christmas Bake OffThere is the whiff of a robust competitive type nature in school at the moment, because the ladies who work the various offices are taking part in an interoffice “Great Christmas Bake Off” to help while away the days leading up to the end of term and also to keep their spirits merry and bright …..
Last ChristmasLucy V,  the Sixth Form Lady was the first to whisk up and roll out a mahoooosive tin of peanut and chocolate cookies ….
Peanut CookiePeanut Butter Cookie.
….. which Nigel availed himself of copiously such was their deliciousness!
Christmas Cookies…. until I told him in no uncertain terms that they really were to share, and that (after his tenth one) he was to leave them alone so that the aforementioned office ladies could compare and contrast them when they came in with their coffee later.
nom nom nomWe have decided, after much intense debate, that we too shall partake in the competition, but will be keeping our baked Yuletide comestible of choice shrouded under a tea towel of mystery until our time of judgement arrives, and we have sampled more of the opposition!


Anonymous said...

Cunning culinary delights, can't wait. Hope we are going to get some recipes!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I assume it is a clean tea cloth of mystery. We wouldn't want any subsequent illnesses of mystery.

Anonymous said...

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marc said...

i want to take part not in the baking its self but in the eating of baked things big tummy love marc