Saturday, 1 December 2012

On The First Day Of Advent …

Well ….. it’s the first day of the Advent Season and as Chateau Castle Greyskull tradition decrees ‘tis also the day on which we don our finest gay apparel …..
Christmas Jumpers…… this year fashioned for us by the PE Lady’s Mum upon her finest needles …….
Gay Apparal…. they are truly wonderful garments, tres de rigueur …. and we are very much the envy of all our friends. 
Christmas Jumpers 2012But, we have sad news to impart ….. the PE Lady’s mum has taken a tumble and isn’t feeling at all well …. so can we say a heartfelt  “PLEASE, PLEASE get better very very quickly …… because we don’t like you being a poorly PE Lady’s Mum xxxxx”
Advent Calendar 2012This morning we let Nigel open the first drawer of our Advent Calendar, which today contained three Haribo Star Mix sweeties (two frogs and something we couldn’t identify) but nevertheless, they tasted as only the first sweeties out of an Advent Calendar can taste!
Xmas JumperYou may have also noticed that my bandages have been removed following my recent surgery …. but, to be Frank, (although my name is Monkey) I am a little very disappointed in the resulting results,  I am afraid that I think I look like I am permanently sucking on a very sour lemon, but Darrell thought,  after very close and almost invasive inspection, that I look like I am chewing as wasp ….. I may have to go back and ask for the operation to be reversed…… oh dear!


Anonymous said...

Three points.
1. LOVING those jumpers boys - I want one!!!
2. GET WELL SOON P.E. Lady's Mum
3. Boy oh Boy I had a good giggle at the sucking of the sour lemon and that poor wasp! The nip and tuck might take a little time to settle - as they all do - not that I've had any personal experience of such procedures you understand it's just what I read in the celeb's gossip.
Monkey you will always be handsome to me - sucking lemons or not sucking lemons!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Wonderful jumpers - they would not look out of place in the Formula One Grand Prix pit lane.
Well done PE Lady's mum. Get well soon.
According to some football fans:
Sam Allardyce = a bulldog chewing a wasp.
Harry Rednapp = saggy face.
But, (Frank) Monkey = still good.

Anonymous said...

the PE Lady's Mum created something very special with those beautiful jumpers; they are true treasures...sending good wishes she is soon feeling her best....Monkey, your pre-procedure facial expression was perfect and befitting of the handsome gentleman you are; but not to worry, what was done, can be undone...probably..much love ..Dianne