Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Presents From Christopher, Dianne And Doug In Romantic Florida.

We cannot believe how amazingly kind our readers are to us and how they have taken us to their proverbial bosoms,  over the past week or so several parcels have arrived addressed to us, that we have, admittedly, rattled and shaken robustly but have put unopened under our Christmas Tree
Presents from Dianne in FloridaWhen a parcel arrived from romantic and warm Florida we knew it was from our friends Christopher Dianne and Doug, and so resisting it’s American mysteries and temptations was very, very hard …..
Christmas HatBut,  on Christmas morning, once we had all regained our composure, we could at last open them. Nigel went first … he had been sent a festive tin suitcase which contained a hat and scarf,  which he has steadfastly refused to take off since,  even in the bath and at bedtime…… and a little cuddly pony called Stetson, a monkey money pouch and a Rudolph notebook and pencil …. “I am totally blessed in a Hello and OK Magazine type way” he sighed “I am so very, very robustly spoiled with so many wondrous presents, …. my new notebook shall be my Last Vegas planner, just like Monkeys!”
Circo pirate topIt was my turn to open my present from Florida and Christopher et al next …. it was a new stripy sweatshirt in my very favourite colours, I knew immediately that it would be my top of choice to wear on New Years Eve …. I too felt very blessed.
Circo Guitar zip topAnd finally, it was Darrell’s turn to reveal the contents of his parcel …. I could see the tears welling up once more in his eyes …. as he too felt very blessed …. he was totally overwhelmed by the fact that Christopher and Dianne knew him so well, even though none of us have ever met in real life, because they had sent him a hoodie covered with a  guitar pattern and two rock and roll badges, it was so him, so on trend and de rigueur, and so perfect to wear on New Years Eve too.  Poor Darrell is a martyr to his emotions and although he tried to hold them in …. he couldn’t help let out a few manly sobs and sniffs.
Monkey Nail BrushThere was one final present left to open, a monkey nail brush …. much needed I’m afraid by Nigel …!!  What can we say but a robust and heartfelt THANK YOU from the UK to the USA ….. THANK YOU Christopher, Dianne and Doug, we LOVE you xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

How splendid and how kind! Enjoy boys! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

What thoughtful gifts from Christopher, Dianne and Doug.
Most suitable for London Style Lounging.

Anonymous said...

So very happy the box got there in time for Christmas! With all our hearts we wanted you to know we, and many others, were thinking of you and wanted the Christmas spirit to be with you. Much Love from here...Dianne and Christopher.
PS sooooo happy the hat fits Nigel; we had to guess!!

lynne said...

You are such lucky boys!
Lynne & Archie X

marc said...

o my what gifts even that baby jesus person did not get such wounderous gifts fab big love marc