Friday, 28 December 2012

Xx Thank You Archie And Lynne xX

We tried to find a couple of  pictures of our friend Archie, who now lives in Moray,  (a very romantic sounding part of Scotland), in our archives, but unfortunately due to our various computer blips over the past couple of years,  they, along with a lot of other stuff  have sadly vanished into the ether!
Jingle Bells Badges….. But we still keep in touch, especially,  at this festive time of year. When Archie’s parcel arrived, no doubt after traversing many a mountain, glen, and loch …. we surmised that bells could possibly be involved, from the jingle jangle that came from within its midst, but we adhered robustly to the message on the tag “Not to be opened before 25th December”
Holly Jingle Bell.But on Christmas morn ….  with Christmas paper flying in every direction,  we found that each small parcel contained a wondrous hand stitched holly leaf badge complete with a silver bell ….. we were totally overwhelmed in a jolly holly type way.
GinGull BellNigel’s was pinned to his new bobble hat before you could say “Jingle Bells” 
Sewn Holly Jingle Bells….. and then he helped us pin ours on too.
Holly Jingle BellsWhat a lovely, lovely present …. and an extremly cunning one too, because we can now keep tight Yuletide tabs on Nigel as we can hear him wherever he goes …. which he hasn’t cottoned on to yet, he just thinks our Derek Acorah senses have been heightened since we watched A Christmas Carol over Christmas!!
“Thank you” so much Archie and Lynne …. for our “bonnie, bonnie” gifts, we LOVE them xxxxx


Mr.D said...

No surprises from Nigel over the coming few days?
Get TtS to explain backing up your computer so you don't lose any more photos. You can even put them on a cloud these days. I think Nigel has his head in one.
I have heard of the Moray Firth, which is a fair way north and sounds lovely.

lynne said...

So glad you liked the badges boys...Archie gets to wear his badge on his hat, like Nigel, and his 'special outfit' from the first of December to signal the start of festive activities at Breakfast Club.We will have a look and see if we can find a picture in said outfit!

Mr D...My kitchen window looks out over the Moray Firth and it is indeed lovely. We are truly blessed in a National Geographic type way!

Lynne & Archie

marc said...

oi hi my hens its sounds all bonny and haggies deep fried mars bar pie and you look canny in yer holy and yer bells good queen mary and bonnie prince charlie would be taking the high road to see ye for me and my big love for ever more shell be on the bonnie bonnie banks of the thames big all things scotish and up the glen mc marc

Anonymous said...

The perfect Christmas accessory and so beautifully made! Dianne

Mr.D said...

Lynne & Archie - blessed in a Hello and National Geographic way.

Anonymous said...

These are SO pretty, how kind of Archie and Lynne - I might make one for myself for next Christmas. I have a few bells ajingling.
JantheFan x