Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We Love A Festive Tesco Comestible Substitution!

*Please note this post was photographed before the demise of Darrell’s follicular extensions and therefore the presence of the aforementioned extensions is not a faux pas in our usually faultless continuity!
Tesco Online groceriesOur Tesco online grocery delivery comes pretty close to being one of our weekly highlights. Tesco deliveryWe’ve been ordering online for while now and just don’t know how we ever managed without it …. life’s a doddle now, as we don’t have to hump our bulging bags precariously onto the Codsall Clipper or Banga Bus ….. thus eliminating the risk of egg breakage and unseemly and potentially embarrassing  spillages ….
Tesco home delivery….. and,  as there are no temptingly stocked aisles to manoeuvre, we don’t have to endure any of Nigel’s robust pester power wanting Milky Bar mousses, cheesy balls or any other such luxury comestible that catches his fancy.
013We also very much enjoy the surprise element of a substitution …..
Tesco Grocery DeliveryDarrell is always the first to check to see if there have been any …. this week, for example, the packers at Tesco were unable to fulfil our desire for “Finest Wild Mushroom Filo Parcels”,  however,  they did substitute them for a very acceptable pack of Mini Duck Spring Rolls with Hoisin Dip, nom, nom, nom.  They also substituted our bog roll toilet tissue, but that wasn’t as exciting or romantic! 


Di said...

Snort, reminds me why I gave up ordering online from Sainsburys :( One order arrived with ONE onion and SIX bags of potatoes and the 'home help' didn't realise when accepting the order - ended up running round the neighbours with bags of potatoes to give away as I didn't have the sense to complain :( Weren't my fault guv - but still feel pretty stoopid about it a lorra years later :(

Di xx

Mr.D said...

Yorkshire tea is my favourite.
“Finest Wild Mushroom Filo Parcels.” Posh nosh indeed.

marc said...

Marc puts me in charge of party nibbles and i must say its all i live on during panto time M&S Harrods ,iceland tesco asda ect ect they all do one or two that one must have to nibble on ,what is a party with out a prawn ring a no go in my books big show biz wave

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire tea - no other tea comes near. I love online shopping with Mr.Tesco, don't do it so much now for one reason or another but loved it! I remember one time it came with a masshoosive amount of cigarettes - from a non-smoking household this was a bit of a surprise. They did return to collect them!

Anonymous said...

Whoops - that was from JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Lucky you....your grocery wish is their command!! Hmmmm..The idea of substitutes sounds interesting...but it seems to have turned out just fine....Awww, the life of leisure for all at chateau Castle Greyskull...Dianne