Tuesday, 25 December 2012

It’s Christmas Morning …. He’s Been!!!

I got off relatively lightly this year in regards to when I was awoken this Christmas morn …. Darrell was up first to see if Santa had been at 4.45am …..
And all the stockings were hung…. very closely followed by Nigel at 4.47am!
And all the stockings were hung.And,  it was Nigel who opened his presents from Santa first ….
Christmas CalculatorThe aforementioned Santa had indeed left Nigel his much dreamed about calculator and a stripy tea towel as a promise that next Christmas Nigel will be in a very special Nativity Play.
Mudd Sea Mask It was Darrell’s turn next, and yes, the aforementioned, aforementioned Santa had left him some Mudd facemask for Darrell’s waning complexion  …. and a pack of three assorted balls of string, Darrell had such a huge smile on his face …. I was sure that as he was so overjoyed “anything” else I could profer, would not meet such a mahooosive response of unbridled joy.
Big Love NotebookMy heart was pounding as I unwrapped my presents from Santa …. a pack of kitchen utensils …. and a planner …. which obviously aroused Darrell’s and Nigel’s innate curiosity …. wanting to know what it was that I wanted to plan …… so I handed Darrell my first present ….
Las vegas here we come….. a pop up map of Las Vegas …..
Las Vegas Pop Up MapI could see Darrell and Nigel were immediately puzzled by what seemed like a bit of a random gift ….
Pop Up Map of Las Vegas….. and even when I pointed out the Luxor Hotel saying “I bet that’s a wonderful place to stay”,  neither Darrell and Nigel caught on ….
Countdown to las vegas….. so, I gave them another parcel containing the  “Days To Las Vegas” countdown board I had made ….. and then the Quality Street Toffee Penny finally dropped!
Trip of a Lifetime to Las Vegas….. as I told to them that in the summer we would be taking the holiday of a lifetime to Las Vegas ….. staying at the Luxor Hotel …. and that Nigel now needed to use his Christmas calculator to work out precisely how many “Days ‘till Last Vegas” as he calls it,  there were.
tears of Christmas JoyInevitably,  after such a wondrous revelation Darrell and Nigel were spurred into subjecting me to an in-depth,  probing and robust question and answer session,  with them wanting to know ALL the how's, whys, when’s  and wherefores of our trip.
Tears of JoyAnd then ….. followed the tears ……  many, many tears ….
Christmas Thank You 2012….. many, many …..  many, many tears ……and many, many many THANK YOU’s ……. with many many dreams to come true. 
We hope that your Christmas Day will be as WONDERFUL as ours and would like to Thank MAHOOOSIVELY everyone who sent us such lovely cards and presents …… if it is OK, due to the emotion of our day,  we would like to share the joy of opening them over the next day or two …… to make the magic last a little longer …. so for now,  can we send  very special Christmas  “THANKS YOU’s ”  to Dianne and Christopher in Florida, Lynne and Archie and last but not least George …… xxxx HAPPY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU again ! xxxx
“Quelle merveilleuse journée”  as they say in France


Athyn said...

I think Wolverhampton is in a time warp ;) its 12.30 here..

Anonymous said...

Athyn - Christmas holds magic - time means nothing on this special day of days! It's all too wonderful to contemplate time warps and the like - Las Vegas beckons - in how many days?
Hope today is especially wonderful for you all, whatever time it is.
JantheFan x

marc said...

o joy o tears o christmas glee we see we saw what wounderous gifts that santa brings what a time you will have watch out USA the boys are on their way we managed to get on line to wish you a very merry christmas time big love from Hugh and Rick And Stephan to and me i send the biggest love to my boys BIG LOVE marcof all

Mr.D said...

A magical and special time, if you make it so.
I am in England for Christmas - my first one here since 2005.
Viva Las Vegas.
Happy Christmas.
Feliz navidad.

Anonymous said...

Santa knew you had been so very caring, loving, and helpful to so many that making your gift wishes come true was a sure thing!.....Wishing a Merry Christmas and Joy and Peace to each of you .... may your day be merry and bright and full of Christmas magic...Much Love... Dianne and Christopher

PS Your blog readers feel so lucky to have this blog deliver a gift to us every day!

lexie1616 said...

Thats a bit early, ahaha bless them, i love reading your post everyday:)

Anonymous said...

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