Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Our Official Christmas Photo Shoot

We decided that it was about time we got ourselves together for our annual official festive photo shoot, just like our beloved Queen, who,  must do something very similar when she gets all the family round at Windsor Castle to partake in a little royal swan and all the trimmings.
Christmas 2012 No. 1At first we started out a little rigid and stilted …
Queens Official Christmas Picture…. and then we began to relax and our poses became more natural and smiley …..
Official Christmas Picture….. but, unfortunately,  we were posing on the new cushions on the window seat  …..
Lounging In the London fashion….. and before we knew it ……
London Lounging….. we had inadvertently and unsubconsiously slipped into lounging festively in the London style …..
Festive London Lounging…. and as per usual Darrell and Nigel took things to the extreme …. (extreme London Lounging ….. it could catch on! )
Festive Lounging of A London Type Nature…. and then it became a case of,  if you can’t beat them,  join them …. what are they like?


Anonymous said...

One will be lounging in London style during the festive break, bring it on!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Lounging when one isn't in the lounge? This could catch on.
Lounging whilst at work? This could get you the sack.

Anonymous said...

Favourite activities here; practically a pro....I say it's an art form!...Dianne

marc said...

we are doing it your way what fun when one has had one to many sherrys or port and lemons at christmas yule time festive partys big show biz upside down wave hugh and big love marc