Friday, 14 December 2012

The Great Office Festive Bake Off - Tallulah’s Peppermint Snowballs

016It was Tallulah’s turn to bake yesterday which she did with very great aplomb, presenting, for our delectation, her peppermint snowballs.
nom nom nomNeedless to say, Nigel was at the head of the queue to sample Tallulah’s culinary wares, which he declared were like the lightest of fairy kisses and totally, totally exquisite, but there again,  he was robustly biased!
Peppermint SnowballsHe was also most reluctant to share, but as this was an “inter-office  contest”  we had to explain to him firmly that we could not judge Tallulah’s efforts solely on his recommendation and vigourous nomming and that if he wasn’t careful his possessiveness over Tallulah’s comestibles could in fact hinder her receiving a fair appraisal of her baking talents, so in the end he reluctantly relinquished his hold on her cake tin!
Last ChristmasWhat is he like?  I don’t think it will matter one iota what the other ladies serve up to him now …. in Nigel’s love struck eyes,  there can only be one winner!


Mr.D said...

Cupboard love?
Nigel looks smitten.

Helen said...

Testing testing 123

Anonymous said...

Tallulah continues to amaze! Poor little Nigel, bless him...his loving devotion is so very dear....Dianne