Monday, 10 December 2012

A Time For Robust Honesty

After we had finished writing our Christmas cards Nigel and I decided that we had been blessed with an opportune moment to speak to Darrell about a certain something that had become quite a contentious issue for ourselves and a lot of our followers ……
Christmas Jumper….. namely his erm …… hair.
Christmas Jumper.It was a time for gentle candour and robust sensitivity ….. perhaps, we intimated, that since I had seen the error of my vanity,  he too might consider once more going au natural……… adding that although he had indeed embraced the London Life mahooosively, perhaps there were certain London type trends that don’t translate so well when introduced to a village such as ours (London lounging being the exception of course!)
Christmas Jumpers…. and then we suggested that we should help him remove his extensions …… there were tears and sobs of the heart wrenching kind…..
X Factor Winner 2012….. but, when it was all over he really did look wonderful, and we felt that we had our “old” Darrell back.
X Factor Winner 2012.We put the remains in a box, a cherished memory of happy days spent with Hugh in Notting Hill….. to be bought out on High Days and Holidays and fancy dress parties!  And then …. Nigel disappeared for a few minutes,  with the box,  …. saying he had something to add to the tangible and palpable solemnity of the occasion …….
What is he likeWhat IS he like!


Di said...

Bwahahahaha!! Oh dear - those EYES set me off giggling when I should be heading to slumberland here. But, am pleased to see the rug is having a rest, some normality (whatever that might be at Castle Greyskull) seems to have returned. Abi will be delighted at the news as 'the rug' worried her- she goes into hospital with her beloved Marcel tomorrow for 10 days intensive physio (mauling!) and such. They came round earlier to say 'au revoir' to Hank and Marvin - Marcel clad in Santa suit and his new PJs from Hank and Marvin already packed. He's being very brave :) You can guess that Abi is my little star!

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

Poor much trauma and during the festive holiday season at that...certainly Darrell and his almost Rod Stewart golden locks will be reunited for special occasions! Perhaps a nice box of special cakes or chocolate treats will help Darrell cope....gotta love those eyes!!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

I thought it was Cousin It from the Adams Family in the box.
About time he got rid of the rug. He may find the photos embarrassing in the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little sad to see it go. But all good things come to an end - or least have an interval.
RIP for now little wig - see you later.
You know you have me as mad as a hatter!!! I'm normally a very level headed, rational person!
JantheFan x

marc said...

O sweetie Darling so glad your so salty potato again and have had the waves put away for when the look comes around again i to have put mine away and we are both on the same wave big smooth and dashing showbiz wave Hugh you could start a london trend with hair pets