Sunday, 30 December 2012

Our Interpretation Of How A Good Rocky Road Should Be Made…..

Although we pride ourselves in our festive preparation,  Christmas seemed to catch up on us a little more quickly than we would have liked and as such the school term ended before we had had a chance to enter “our baked item” in the Great Inter Office Festive Bake Off …Festive Rocky RoadHowever, now with plenty of spare time at home, we decided to have a bake off of our own, but without the baking ……
Rocky RoadOur chosen “dish”…… Rocky Road A La Everything But The Kitchen Sink …. which I started off by melting butter and golden syrup in a bowl over a pan of hot water …..
Melted chocolate….. and then added all the chocolate we could find in the house to make a glorious culinary symphony of molten deliciousness.
Finger of fudgeThen Darrell and Nigel took over …. adding several chopped fingers of fudge ….. and chunks of Fry’s Turkish Delight ….
Malteser Rocky Road….. followed by whole Maltesers, mini marshmallows and crushed up digestive biscuits….
Marmite Rocky Road…… plus a very special secret ingredient …..!!!!
Roacky Road with Turkish DelightIt took some very robust stirring …….
Robust stirring….. with Nigel and Darrell establishing a rota of five minute stints to get all the ingredients melded together ……
Rocky Road with Maltesers….. which they did with all due diligence …..
Luxury Rocky Road….. until, with aching arms, the mixture was ready to put into dishes to consolidate, set like concrete harden, so that it could be cut up (and then consumed)
Licking the bowlAll that was left to do then was to lick the bowl ….. with much nomming.
Now,  we have to confess to being very remiss in not taking any pictures of us all tucking into all our hard work, but unfortunately the tangible and palpable excitement got the better of us ….. and we just nommed, and nommed and nommed, until we realised our photographical faux pas as Nigel popped the very last morsel in his mouth!  We then had to lounge very stilly and carefully in the London style for several hours, keeping any movement minimal thus rendering it impossible to get the camera anyway
Festive Lounging of A London Type NatureBut, we can all safely vouch safe to it’s deliciousness, with our secret ingredient bringing everything together! Nom, nom, nom!!


Mr.D said...

Secret ingredient?
Now I love Marmite and I love chocolate but.........
I think the secret is that Marmite was not added to the mix.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you added, I want some Rocky Road and I want it NoW!!!
Yummy! Maybe the secret ingredient was Love - just for us blog followers. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

True molten deliciousness if there ever was! An inspired recipe that is a winner for sure....oh, the pure joy when it all works together soooo perfectly!...worthy of every nom...Dianne