Saturday, 22 December 2012

Nigel’s Festive Gift To The Cook Lady

Wolverhampton Girls High SchoolFestive MenuNigel has put a great deal of robust thought into all his festive gifts this year …. after Tallulah,  the next most important present he had to get was something for his beloved Cook Lady …. because it was she who took him on when everyone else said no,  when we were all made redundant earlier on in the year.
Inflatable Christmas Turkey.And his gift of choice?  …… an inflatable turkey …..!!
035It took him all his puff to get it inflated and then present it to a speechless Cook Lady!
039To some, it might seem a rather  bizarre type selection, but after  working in the kitchen for the past few months Nigel had seen just how much pride Cook took in festooning her heated counters to match the season or pertinent Feast Day throughout the year, so the aforementioned inflatable turkey, for Nigel, was a no brainer……Inflatable Christmas Turkey…… bless him!
WGHS Crumpet BreakfastCook Lady was so taken aback and totally overwhelmed by Nigel’s gift that she told him to help himself to the last crumpet on the pass.
Frank's Vanilla IcecreamNigel also took his visit to the kitchen as an extra opportunity to check his stock of Frank’s ice cream, his pride and joy …. and then …. Cook bestowed a little Christmas gift upon Nigel …….
Coffee Stirrers WGHS…. she asked him if he would like the added responsibility of looking after the coffee stirrers and their quality and stock control …… Nigel was struck dumb for a moment or two ….. but once composed he accepted the honour very graciously.
032….. and this unexpected development in his catering career gave Nigel a very clear idea about what he would like to ask Father Christmas for on Christmas Eve ……….


Anonymous said...

Nigel is destined for great things I feel - maybe a career with Gordon Ramsey?

Anonymous said...

p.s. Whoops Gordon before you blast me out of the kitchen I apologise I did not spell your surname correctly - I will amend.
That should read Gordon Ramsay.

Anonymous said...

It warms the heart to see Dearest Nigel doing so well and being appreciated and nurtured by his wonderful Cook Lady...his dedication and commitment is obvious...he has found his place in the sun....I bet Cook never saw an inflatable turkey!! it's quite an amazing feast for the eyes!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

What a big responsibility for such a small person.
Careful no-one tries to carve that turkey. It could end up in tears.

marc said...

cook lady rocks but nigel pops and rocks what a star i am in love with cook ladys kindness big love marc and co