Thursday, 20 December 2012

Nigel’s Christmas Gift For Tallulah

032Nigel has been putting a lot of robust thought into what he should get for Tallulah for Christmas over the past week or so.  So much so that we had to put a stop on him watching The Jewellery Channel and have had to hid all our mobile phones.Chocolates Big Box Christmas presentHowever, we heaved a (temporary) sigh of relief when he finally announced that his festive gift of choice and hopefully, Yuletide joy for the lovely Tallulah would be a box of chocolates …. and thankfully not something in tanzanite or tourmaline!!
Mahooosive Large Box ChocolatesThen ……… we saw the size of the chocolate box …..
Kiss Kitten“Oh mah, lordie, lordie Nigel, mah little pumpernickel, what ahhhh you like?  ….  And what ahhhh you trying to do to mah figggguuuure , mah dress aint gonna fit me if I eat all these fine chocooooolattes!”
Christmas No. 1 2012
“…… You ahhh suchhhh ah naughty, naughty boy, but I do love you  ….! “ Then she ripped away the paper, opened the box,  barely glancing at the “menu”, and  declared, with chocolates flying akimbo ….. that "It would be ahhh awful, awful cryin’ shame to let them go stale …….  especially at Christmas time!”
Last Christmas I gave you my heartWhat is she like?


Anonymous said...

She is like a chocolate with a soft centre - that is what she is like! I'll bag the coffee creme perleese! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

What a wonderful accent Tallulah has!
Is she from Gornal or Walsall?
Has she ever gone with the wind?

marc said...

they are like two ps in a pod they are made for each other big love marc

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel may be young, but bless his heart, he knows how to choose the right gift for a lady like Tallulah....thank goodness he didn't get carried away in the jewelry department!....Dianne