Monday, 24 December 2012

It’s Christmas Eve ….

Letters to Santa postedThe anticipation and excitement of Christmas Day at Chateau Castle Greyskull is both palpable and tangible, everything is done except for writing our letters to Santa ….
Letter to Santa 2012…… and this year Darrell and Nigel have been told to think very carefully because they can only ask for two very small things …. although, no doubt, there will be a few extra surprises in their stockings ….
Nigel's letter to SantaNigel has put a great deal of thought into his letter, spending a lot of time alone in his room robustly pondering ….. it seems that the events of the past few days have helped greatly with his decision …. and so ….  he has asked Santa for a calculator to help with his stock control of coffee stirrers and Jubbly’s,  tubs of Frank’s ice-cream and wooden ice cream spatulas and he has also asked if he can be in a Nativity Play next Christmas ….. he knows it will be a long wait for him to tread the boards…. but he says it will be worth it, giving him an ample sufficiency of time to research his role.
Writing letters to Santa father Christmas Darrell has been very thoughtful too,  the last part of his letter making me shed a tear or two ….
Darrell's Letter to Father Christmas Santa…… he asked for some string, because he says he can never find any when he needs it and it’s always useful to have on you and he also asked for a mud face mask because he says the winter weather and central heating has played havoc with his complexion!  What is he like?
Letters to Santa Father Christmas All I want for Christmas is to see the look on Darrell and Nigel’s faces when I reveal the mahoooosive trip of a life time I have planned for them ….. and if there is any wishes spare I wouldn’t mind a few cooking utensils and a planner for our trip!
2012 Monkeys Letters to SantaOur letters to Santa are now safely placed in our posh festive felt envelope, a pre Christmas present from Vinnie and Aunty Jan….. all that remains to be done now is to light our candle in the garden, followed by a hot bath, mug of milky num nums (snowman soup) and then an early night ……. HAPPY CHRISTMAS …..


Dianne said...

That is really a posh festive felt envelope....Dear Nigel's letter is so very special and lovely to read; I know Santa will read it several times. Darrell's practical healthy skin choices are easy peasy for a gift pro like Santa. The most heart felt and perfect wish of all is one many of us wish Santa could make come true. Christmas Blessings to one and all and your beloved Andy in heaven......Love..Dianne

Anonymous said...

The closing lines of Darrell's letter made me cry! I hope they get everything they've asked for. xx

Mr.D said...

What lovely letters. Very moving.

marc said...

i just cried from start to finnish but thats ok old queens can you boys are very special i am sure santa will do the best he can big love marc and co

Mr.D said...

Marc - not an old queen but young at heart.