Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Festive Visit To See The Lovely Lisa C at Thomas Cook, Wolverhampton.

Darrell and Nigel don’t have a clue about what Father Christmas will be bringing them this year, just that they can only ask for two very small presents each!
Thomas CookBut yesterday, I decided to pay a surprise visit to see The Lovely Lisa C at Thomas Cook, Wolverhampton to arrange a couple of extra suprise excursions while we are in ….. shhhhhh….whisper  ….Las Vegas.
Christmas Card From Staff of Thomas Cook WolverhamptonCan you believe that Lisa has been so attentive that she even sent me a Christmas card …..
Christmas Card from Lisa at Thomas Cook Wolverhampton….. I have to admit to being totally overwhelmed and having to stifle several  mahooosive heartfelt sniffs and gulps …. I felt soooooooo special and sooooooo blessed in a Thomas Cook VIP Passenger type way!
015…. I decided to take a small gift and one of our Christmas cards (which I carefully cradled all the way to town on the Codsall Clipper)  just to say a mahooosive “Thank You” for all Lisa’s patience and constant computer flicking, in order to get just the right package for our holiday of a lifetime!
Thomas Cook Wolverhampton.And when I finally arrived I couldn’t believe the welcome I recievd …..Thomas Cook Festive Hospitality Wolverhampton…….. I was introduced to everyone and then sat down with a cup of tea and my first mince pie of the Yuletide Season  …… I felt like how royalty or Simon Cowell must feel.
Thomas Cook Wolverhampton Book It with Thomas CookThen Lisa helped me to arrange the aforementioned extra surprise excursions …. I don’t want to say too much at this juncture …. let’s just say, among other things,  we will be travelling in style to visit the American equivalent of the Cheshire Gorge!!!!  THANK YOU LOVELY LISA C xx


Mr.D said...

Maybe I can guess.
Not the equivalent of a Banga Bus ride to a certain canyon?
Anything like Fergie's Budgie by any chance?

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you all.
JantheFan x

PE Lady said...

I am SO envious of you all!! You will have a BRILLIANT time and The Cheshire Gorge will take your breath away.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Cook and the Lovely Lisa certainly knows how to treat it's VIP customers!....Dianne

marc said...

i think the lovely lisa is a credit to her company she knows how to treat a paying customer and i like that card is it a diy cut on kraft card or a print its fab big love marc ps look at you with the not so wise men big love marc