Sunday, 23 December 2012

Nigel’s Nativity

I am afraid that because Darrell and I have been busy with robust festive preparation we have had to leave Nigel a little to his own devices of late,  and bless him, he hasn’t got up to anything of a dubious nature,  but instead,  has occupied himself by doing a bit of Nativity adoration …..
Manger Scene A bit of awe and wonder always brings out the best in Nigel ….Awe and wonder….. who has now definitely and unequivocally decided that next year he wants to be in a “real” Nativity play and although it is a very long time to wait, it’s going to be one of the two things he is going to ask Father Christmas for.
The Christmas StoryHe says he doesn’t mind which role he plays ….. but, a shepherd would be nice, especially as we have a lot of spare tea towels for his head, but obviously a stripy one would be more apt than one depicting the ponies of the New Forest or the Cornish Pasty recipe one we got from Mevagissey!
Motorworld BilbrookNigel was also over the moon to see that our village Motor World shop had finally put his knitted Nativity scene of choice back in their window,  and after their success in the village Christmas window display competition last year …. they have upped their game ….
Bilbrrok Village Green, Motorworld, BilbrookNigel likes to go and “adore” it after his tea, when it’s all lit up and he can …..  “Drink in it’s full wonderment!” as he so succinctly puts it.
017This year Motor World’s tableau includes the new war memorial that was erected on the village green in the summer …. an ingenious touch which is bound to catch the eyes of the Christmas window display judging panel.
Motorworld. Bilbrook, Christmas Window“It’s a window that incorporates everything of a Christmas, Nativity and village type nature …. ” Nigel has opined “….from cathedral type arches, Santa and his sleigh flying high in the sky, fairy lights, a Christmas tree, handicrafts and model making,  candles, parcels, tinsel, a curious sheep, plus,  the new developments in the village …..”
Bilbrrok Motorworld Random TeddyAdmittedly, the insertion of a singular teddy is a little random, but if Motor World is not awarded the Christmas Window Display Shield again this year Nigel says that it will be …. “A travesty …. and questions will be asked in Parliament and heads will roll!” What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Jesus is a bit premature but better early than never.
I am in Moscow and there is plenty of snow here too. The weather is "good" at minus 25°C! It feels OK as I was in -47°C last week.

Anonymous said...

Motor World has certainly raised the bar.....Got to admire Nigel's fervent dedication to this all inclusive Christmas display and I am certainly wishing them the best of luck to capture first prize...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Nativity tour, made me feel quite sentimental. Poignant time for so many people.
JantheFan s
p.s. Mr. D please keep your -25 degrees well and truly in Moscow!

Mr.D said...

JtF, I am now in Sunderland, a balmy temperature in comparison.

marc said...

nigel stepan and rick will make your outfit of choice if you get a part think sparkle think show off think you got the best part big show biz wave hugh